3D Course Projects


Teaching Residencies: Youth Programs



        Figurative Sculpture students had the opportunity to create plaster casts.  First modeling the form in terracotta referencing a live model, then creating a two part plaster mold.  The end result is a solid cast plaster portrait bust in the round.
Sculpture II
A second level course for Undergraduate students enrolled in Electronic Media Arts and  Communication at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2001
The course was designed to allow students to look at sculptural problems with depth and in a more independent manner, from concept to presentation in maquette form.  A theme of botanical vs. mechanical was proposed to initiate a design concept for a large scale free standing work. Developing a prototype was the first step in the process.
Clay modeled over an armature was the material chosen to fabricate the first 14″ prototype. Students continued by translating their clay forms into balsa wood, further altering the shape with new construction materials.  A notebook for research and preliminary sketches accompanied the work in progress. A construction estimate was also developed for each project, so that a practical application of the work could be considered.
Rob's Kimmah


Department of Lifelong Learning

Design 2015
3D Design and Color Theory Coursework
Color Theory and Three Dimensional Design offers an advanced analysis of color properties and relationships. It also explores challenges of three dimensional design.  Students will become familiar with a variety of terms, concepts and visual considerations that are commonly used in the fields of fashion, art and design. The basic art elements of line, color, shape, and form come to play in hands-on studio assignments.
Renee Design 1
Concept Drawing for Cardboard Construction using Warm and Cool Color in combination with two values of Grey. Geometric shapes should create rhythm and variation. The class visited the Frank Stella Retrospective at the Whitney Museum before beginning design and fabrication.
Yige 2
Acrylic on Paper


Students designed a narrative using photographs with an accordion paper construction.

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