2 D Collage

J. Hugentobler The Wanderer
The Wanderer
A 2 Dimensional Design Course for Undergraduates includes a Color Transposition Collage Project.  Students study Color Theory and Value Relationships in order to explore dynamic color relationships.
Building upon a black and white base, a xerox of the original image, students create a collage using found color samples from magazines.  Recreating approximate color relationships between different areas in the image, students establish an accurate sense of space and visual rhythm when the collage project is compared to the original photo.  Rubber cement adhesive is used to attach cut shapes to a foam board.  Student examples are shown below.
An Emphasis on Color Theory and establishing dynamic color relationships is examined through various exercises using photographic imagery, from collage to cutting symmetrical designs, to weaving found imagery together.
Students combine digital material to create a collage via Photoshop CC.   Landscape as dreamscape, or experimentation with color contrasts to create compositions using layers in Photoshop.

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