In School Workshops

Having worked as a teaching artist since 2005, these are just a handful of the projects that students have accomplished. We have worked with ceramics, airdry clay, model magic, cardboard and fabric secured to an armature, as an introduction to sculptural techniques.

small heads

Youth Programs in Mixed Media

PS 1 Afterschool Art Program



PS 51 Table Top 4
Lunch Room Table Design PS 51

Programs offered through Studio in a School

Colorful felt self portraits created by fifth graders at PS 16 in Brooklyn, using a styrofoam head as a base.  Students worked on their portrait heads over a ten week period.

Students at a Studio in a School workshop build sculptures using assorted wooden shapes and paint.  A final exhibition of works took place in the Middle School Cafeteria.  These Public School programs follow the Learning Standards for Art and Literacy.

PS Studio in a School
Studio in a School Artist Residency including the Community Event and Activity
Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Workshop Studio
Studio in a School sculpture
Ceramic Hand-Building FOR SENIORS
October 2017 Public Art Project:

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