SU-CASA 2018 Residency

Marine Park Active Adults Neighborhood
The Brooklyn Arts Council administers Grants for projects based at senior center sites across the Borough.  Since February 2018, my placement at the Carmine Carro Community Center gave me the opportunity to work with seniors from Marine Park, Brooklyn.  The participants developed drawing and painting skills to render images onto clay slabs which resulted in ceramic tiles.  All materials were supplied through the Brooklyn Arts Council SU-CASA grant and firings took place at my studio in Red Hook.  The Carmine Carro Community Center provided the classroom space for approximately 12-14 seniors, who were inspired to create several designs as they gained confidence working with clay.
The themes reflected their interests in various travel locations or general subjects of nature or abstraction.  On June 22nd, an exhibition and reception was the final culmination of the teaching residency, coordinated along with an exhibit of artwork by children in the Marine Park community.
Maria at Carmine Carro Community Center

Seslie Brock at the Carmine Carro Community Center

Marine Park June.JPG

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