Women Under Siege : It’s Happening Right Here


Ceres Gallery

547 West 27th Street Suite 201   New York City N.Y. 10001
January 3rd to 28th 2017    Reception: January 5th 6:00 – 8:00PM
In Gallery II, artist Francine Perlman presents an installation, Doors Open, Doors Close that speaks to the plight of women who have escaped domestic violence only to find themselves in shelters and often in poverty. The installation incorporates collages and text made by women living in domestic violence shelters.
M.G. was 28 years old and 12 weeks pregnant, February 1992 at the time of her arrest and charge in Fargo, North Dakota.  Homeless, living on the street and a huffer, she was jailed for recklessly endangering her fetus.  M. believed sniffing paint was a way to provoke a miscarriage.  In jail the Lambs of Christ, who had lead pro-life protests at abortion clinics in North Dakota, encouraged her to bring her pregnancy to term.  Money was raised but M. refused the money and requested assistance instead. She was unable to pay the 340 dollar fee, however Dr. Susan Wicklund offered her services and flew from Milwaukee to the clinic in Fargo, North Dakota.
S. Wicklund worked as an abortion doctor in several states, including Montana. M. received a leave from prison for a clinic appointment and secretly terminated the pregnancy.  Following the abortion all charges were dropped and M. was released.  A drug treatment program was suggested after an additional arrest in June of that year.  What drew me to this specific situation was the level of manipulation and power over a homeless individual, incapable of helping herself, who already had given birth to six children.
Ceres Gallery

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